web developer and spare time artist

  • About me

    My name is Bogumila Keur-Sobolewska, born in Poland, living in The Netherlands since 1999.

    I work as IT Consultant and web developer, when possible “open source hippie”. I have a combination of technical (Advanced Computer Science) and business (ICT in Business) education gained at Leiden University (NL), which allows me to swim smoothly between those 2 worlds.

    To balance the nerdy part of me, I try to develop my artistic skills; spending free time creating mosaics and water color paintings.

  • Contact info

    Detailed IT career information on LinkedIn and e-mail address.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Web Development

graphic design * usability * front-end development * interaction design * static HTML websites * CMS implementation * Drupal * SEO * Web Analytics

Creative Projects

ceramic mosaic: flower pots, photo frames and other decorative elements * water colors: landscapes, flowers, other nature inspired compositions

Other interests

reading * collecting and listening to old LPs * traveling * cooking * burgundian lifestyle

The GEEK in meweb design portfolio

  • Schildersbedrijf C.P.J. Geervliet (NL)

    Company website for C.P.J. Geervliet Painters.

    SiteWatt (CA)

    Company website for SiteWatt Web Hosting.

    Vector Electronics (IE)

    Company website for Vector Electronics.

The Artist in meart crafts portfolio

  • Coffee table

    Made of ceramic and glass tiles.

    jewelry box

    Made of old chinese plate, glass beads and tiles.

    flower pots

    Made of old plates, glass beads and tiles.

  • Mirror

    Made of 6 square mirrors and ceramic tiles.

    Decorative pannel

    Made of glass beads and tiles.

    Home decoration

    Made of porcelain teacup saucer and glass beads.

  • lone white sail

    Watercolor painting

    seagulls of zandvoort

    Watercolor painting

    Abstract composition

    Watercolor painting